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Tips to Use Dating App Safety Feature

If dating isn’t hard enough, some of us have gone and added the hurdle of trying to date abroad. And if it was not difficult yet, then we had the almost impassable additional obstacle-going out abroad during recent times.

Ladies and, most likely especially ladies, I bring you, my 12 tips for safe dating abroad in 2022!

OH! Did I mention that I am a full-time nomad who experienced a major breakup during a lockdown? I have since dated about three people (two in Mexico, one traveling), and I am currently experiencing how it is not so easy to do in France! So here are all my tips from these experiences!

1. Use dating apps with Recent times safety features

Yes, it’s a thing now! Are you surprised? The dating apps I’ve used now have Recent times safety features so you can easily see and tell what your famous status is.

From stickers on your profile that say “I’m vaccinated” on Tinder, to a full mini questionnaire on Bumble about your Recent times safety preferences. Some of them include if you are ready to meet in person, or prefer a virtual appointment, and even if you prefer someone who is vaccinated!

2. Do not be afraid of the first conversation.

Whether you are for, against or impartial about the vaccine and whether or not you are afraid of catching Recent times, talk about it.

A lot of my conversations about dating apps in Paris raise it in one way or another. In fact, quite a few men have directly said that they have Recent times, or are feeling sick, and will ask if they can postpone the meeting for a few weeks!

3. Don’t fall for Recent times excuses

Some people I’ve met on dating apps, however, I feel like I’m using Recent times as an excuse to invite you to their house. Three guys literally asked me to come to their apartment for a first date, saying that they didn’t want to be in public because they didn’t want to catch Recent times, or that they couldn’t go to a restaurant because they didn’t have the required EU health Pass (like a vaccination card).

Maybe they’re telling the truth, or maybe they’re trying to lure me into their house. I’m really not sure, but I’m smart enough to guess.

This kind of safety is just as important as the kind of health. Do not fall into traps that can put you in an uncomfortable or perilous situation!

4. Safe Dating Tips Abroad: Meet outside

Even if you are having the conversation, but still want to be safe, choose an outdoor date over a crowded indoor one. Because, even if they don’t have it, others might!

A picnic in a park, an open-air museum, a beer garden, the beach or even a walk (in a non-remote area) are all great date options!

5. Do not forget about protection

Yes, I’m talking about the two holes. Definitely for gender viruses, but now you should also consider the most popular virus in the world.

I especially mention don’t forget a face mask because some places won’t let you in unless you have one. And how uncomfortable would it be to come to an appointment and not be allowed in because you forgot a mask?

6. Join a language meeting

Some of my other safe dating tips abroad for any time, is to meet a language! You can easily find them on apps like Meet Up, or in Facebook groups for foreigners and expats.

A language meeting is an event that you go to if you want to meet people and learn another language. You chat with people who speak another language, and in return, you speak in your native language to help them learn too!

It’s a great way to meet other people and potentially have a date! I consider them safe because they are known to be special for travelers!

7. Have a virtual date

First dates are awkward just like in real life. So why not opt for a virtual date or two for the real thing? This way you can find out if you are interested in it before exposing yourself to the potential risk of contracting a virus (a).

Because let’s be honest. It’s not so easy to have a nice pecking party anymore. Now we have to ask ourselves whether we will contract the current most famous virus if we exchange spitting with someone, or even if we get close to it.

8. Join a hobby or health class

Whatever your hobby is at home, I can guarantee you that you can probably find it abroad. And what better way to find a date than in a class where you share the same hobby?

You can easily find dance, yoga, workout, hiking, art classes, etc. by doing simple Google searches. Or, I recently discovered that the Meet Up app is an easy way to find them too!

9. If you are not feeling well, stay at home!

It’s not just about staying safe for your appointments, which makes you sick. It’s about making other people sick too.

If you are not feeling well, and especially if you are not vaccinated, do not go to anyone! That would be incredibly irresponsible and selfish!

10. Working from terraces

If dating apps aren’t your thing, and if you work from your laptop, post in a beer garden! There’s no better way to start a conversation than when you’re eating alone! I swear it! Some people think it’s intimidating, but potential daters, see it as an opportunity to start a conversation!

Outdoor cafes are also safe environments to try dating while you’re abroad because it’s a public places but lots of fresh air!

11. Volunteer for things you care about

Wondering why volunteering is one of my top tips for safe dating abroad in 2022? Don’t you want to meet someone with whom you share the same interests? Also, usually the people who volunteer are the good ones!

In fact, I definitely fell in love when I did a volunteer program in South Africa several years ago! It was an easy and awesome way to meet people from all over the world, and in a safe environment. Most volunteer programs now require vaccinations and tests, so some of the safety is also covered.

12. Meet Through Mutual Friends

If you have made friends abroad, talk about your dating desires! I still have no problem telling my friends that if they know any fun, cute, Recent times-free guys, let me know!

That way you know it’s someone a friend would recommend, and you also know where to find them if they give you these antibodies.

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