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Solo Travel Teaches Self-Love and Appreciation

Oh, the irony that comes out of the statement “you will never find a relationship if you travel solo all the time.”

Sorry, what? Do you mean there’s less chance of meeting someone when you’re alone and doing what you love? It sounds quite the opposite.

Although I have to admit that it was difficult to start and maintain a serious relationship while traveling solo (for more than six years), I must also admit that I have not always been single!

I met many potential suitors, and I even became known for using Tinder while traveling (which after became a sponsored deal!). I was also in a six-month relationship with a travel blogger I met in Bali and traveled with for two consecutive months. I have to say that I met more guys who were “my type” during my years of solo travel than I ever tried to date at home!

In fact, I also found a lot of love while traveling solo. Love for myself, love for the planet, love for the strangers who helped me or just said hello. I found more love than ever before I started traveling alone! And that’s what led me to also find my true love with whom I have a happy and travel-loving relationship.

If I can find love, surely you can. And this comes from the poster child of the solo female journey who also thought she would be single forever! Just because you don’t see it plastered on social media, I guarantee you that more solo travel women are finding love and are in a relationship than you think!

You probably think or feel like you’re #forever because you haven’t found anyone yet, or because of what other people are saying.

Tell that friend you have who constantly says you’ll be single forever because you’re traveling to shut the F up. They’re probably jealous of being stuck in a boring relationship. Or that they settled down instead of traveling first.

You need to stop and think about why they are so worried about your love life. Do they really want to “see you happily married”, or are they happy not to do the things you are because you are single and free?

We All Feel #SingleForever Sometimes

There are two different types of people. People who are good at relationships want to settle down right away and are good at maintaining long relationships. And people who always seem to have their heads in the clouds, who want to travel the world and say “fall to pass away” against the norms of society.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re the latter type of person. Guess what? You’re not the only one.

We are thousands of travelers, and yes it’s true, we are not so good at relationships. That’s why we often feel #singleforever. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Keep telling yourself that the next time you feel like it’s you.

Solo travel teaches you to love

Before I started traveling alone, I had little self-love and appreciation. Once I learned how confident and tough I was, and how travel really made me happy, I developed an intense love for life and for myself.

It is only with this new love that I feel that I have really been able to love someone else well! That’s one thing I always say: “You have to love yourself and love your life before you can love someone else”. So, if you are single, consider solo travel as “love training”. You are just preparing to love someone in the future… worthy of your greatness.

Solo Travel Doesn’t Require You To Settle Down

Admit it, if you really want to settle into a relationship, you could. But that’s not your style. You are waiting for a prince or princess to take you on a magical dragon, preferably to an exotic place or one that requires a passport.

“Must like to travel” is one of the first requirements of your many dating profiles, and it’s weird when you meet someone who doesn’t like it. Congratulation. You’re not a nice guy.

Once you feel the amazement of solo travel, you understand how necessary it is to find your ideal partner. Even if it’s just because they always give you the window seat.

Yes, it takes longer to find the real one.

If it were easy to travel the world and be in a relationship, anyone would do it. But it’s not easy. You have to find the right person, and a lot of effort! Both are difficult to do when traveling alone, but definitely possible!

But once you have found that person with whom you are able to maintain a romantic relationship, both when traveling alone and together, there is no more worry. Yes, it will probably take longer to find them. But with the billions of people on earth, I think you have a good chance.

Yes, people will think that something is wrong with you.

If I received a dollar for every time someone asked me “Why am I lonely”, “when am I going to settle down” or “don’t you want to get married and start a family?”, I would probably have a few extra g’s in my bank account. Or not, because I would probably spend the money to book a flight directly.

Let me tell you a little secret. Most people are not programmed to accept the phenomenon of change. That’s why most people follow the societal norms of “go to school, get a job, get married, have babies and die.”

So if you go against those standards, people lose their shit. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, or just an inability to move on, but when these people lose their shit, they have no problem articulating it.

Don’t listen to them.

Keep doing your boo, and if you ever have any doubts, just know that I always encourage you to live your best life! If you ever need additional support, leave a comment on my IG and I’ll give you some. I guarantee that you will immediately see that you are not alone either!

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