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Solo Group Trips Are the New Way to Travel

For the past three years, I have been organizing solo group trips after realizing a very good point! So many people want to travel but have no one to go with. We already know that.

So solo trips are usually the only option (other than not going, which is not an option), but what about people who don’t want to go alone?

After traveling solo for three years (six in total now), I started to realize how many people would say on social media “I would love to travel with you one day”. Then I got the idea to do solo group tours! So you travel to the destination alone and without your friends, and then join a group of other people like you to experience it together!

Then add the added bonus of being able to do it with your favorite travel blogger/influencer, and it makes for one hell of a trip!

I was one of the first bloggers/influencers to start solo group trips and now a lot of people are doing them! There are even companies set up to sell various Blogger / influencer group trips and take advantage of us (i.e. an occasional call to promote books directly to us).

It’s great because we make social media more realistic by taking you on a journey with us and doing what we’re good at, traveling! Check out more reasons why solo group travel is the best new way to travel solo below:

You don’t have to wait for someone you know to join you

My biggest mistake for a while was not traveling because I couldn’t find someone I knew to accompany me. At first I was afraid to travel alone and I felt like people would judge me for being alone.

Although solo travel is very popular now, another plus is that it allows a lot of people with whom you can travel! You don’t have to wait for your non-traveling friends to join you. There are thousands of solo travelers you can join solo travel groups!

No need to worry about being alone when traveling alone or in a group

One of the first articles I wrote was titled “Why you’re never really Alone when traveling Solo”. I wrote it because so many people ask me if I” feel lonely ” or say they want to travel but worry about being alone.

Good. Let me tell you that just because you are traveling somewhere alone does not mean you will be alone! You are actually much more likely to meet people if you travel alone! You do need to get out of your comfort zone, which is why it’s so much easier to join solo travel groups.

You will feel safer and more comfortable traveling alone

Technically, because you are not alone, you automatically feel safer. Traveling alone can sometimes be an uncomfortable and nerve-wracking experience, but not if you’re in the same boat (or plane or train) with a group of people!

Just knowing that there will always be someone you can work with gives many people peace of mind. Whether it’s just to go to a busy market or to share how you really feel about diarrhea from this traveler…or that cute local you just met!

Joining a solo group trip instead of going it alone will also reassure your family! I know that for many people, having a family problem and giving up the idea of traveling solo can affect your decision to go. But if you are with a group, what would they have to say??

You’ll meet like-minded travelers, friends and potential future travel companions


Having organized 10 solo group tours, I can say with confidence that the majority of people participating in them share the same ideas! Maybe it’s because I have a dual application process, but certainly because everyone who joins wants the same experiences they see on my social media feed.

Another thing I’ve seen happen on most of my trips is that people continue to travel together after the trip! A few have booked last minute flights to other destinations afterwards, and then some are making future plans together!

Solo group tours are definitely a great way to form a group of friends to travel with! Especially if your friends from home aren’t the type to travel!

Solo Trips group trips are designed especially for you

You follow some travel bloggers and travel influencers for a reason right? You love the destinations and the types of activities they do! So if you wanted to take a trip similar to what you see them posting, it makes sense to join one of their solo group tours!

Personally, I only do solo group trips to destinations that I have visited solo myself. Then I recreate the route I made, I improve it with improved hotels and a tourist guide, and voila! Offer the experience you see on social media, in real life!

It’s a little different than booking a group tour that you first find online. To begin with, these tours do not tell you who else is participating and are usually not aimed specifically at solo travelers.

You get information, Tips and stories from your favorite travel bloggers/Influencers

If you’ve always wanted to learn tips and ideas about travel, photography and digital nomads, then solo group travel with bloggers/influencers is the way to go!

Unlike going on a regular tour with a travel agency, solo travel groups hosted by bloggers/influencers offer you the added benefit of classes and one-on-one times.

So if you’ve ever asked a blogger/influencer to “pick their brain” about how they do something or anywhere they’ve been, this would be your best chance to get some answers!

Everything Is planned in such a way that you do not have to do it!

Don’t like to plan intense itineraries yourself? Especially in a foreign country? From where you stay and how to get there, to the best photo spots for those Insta-worthy shots!

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