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Reason to Travel Alone in Tokyo, Japan

Although Tokyo is such a huge city, it’s not so overwhelming if you travel alone. It’s easy not to feel alone when you are completely immersed in a vibrant and vibrant city. There is a lot to see, but even if you have little time, it’s definitely worth it!

Tokyo has the best to offer when it comes to nightlife, and dining alone is never a hassle. Be sure to check out cute restaurants like Ichiran, where you can eat all the ramen your heart desires behind a curtain!

Don’t worry, it’s super easy to get around Tokyo by public transport. Check out this guide to planning a Tokyo self-tour by train.

Another main reason why Tokyo is one of the best destinations for solo travelers in 2020 is because of how polite everyone is! No one is staring and people are more than willing to help you if needed!

Solo Travel Destination 2: Malta

Malta is an adorable little European island near Italy that is very overlooked! It actually won one of Alyssa’s World’s Best Islands Awards for Best Solo Destinations, so we’re adding it here too!

The island is small enough to navigate on your own by rental car or local buses. You can explore the cute cobblestone towns or relax all day at the stunning Blue Lagoon, which can be seen in the photo above!

If you are looking for a tropical yet charming solo travel adventure, you should definitely add Malta to your list!

Destination for Solo Travelers 3: Ubud, Bali

If you are looking for a budget while traveling alone, look no further than Bali, Indonesia! PRO TIP: It is much affordable to stay in Ubud than near Seminyak and less crowded.

Make sure you get all your Instagram pictures in these places! And if you’re ready to take the less traveled road, Flores Island is perfect for exploring and taking photos with Komodo dragons!

Solo Destination 4: Antarctica

If you want to experience happy feet in real life, Antarctica is the place for you! Alyssa went on a 10-day trip from Buenos Aires to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions and had the best experience.

Paddleboarding is not only suitable for tropical climates and is the perfect way to experience the wildlife of Antarctica up close. If you are wondering whether you should go on a solo trip to Antarctica or not, DO IT!

Solo Destination 5: Easter Island

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is home to hundreds of moai or the head-shaped statues that everyone can recognize. We cracked the code on how the statues were set up, but not so much on how they were moved.

It is quite expensive to get to Easter Island, but this tiny beautiful island with its stunning views, bright blue water, cliffs and palm trees is worth a visit!

Solo Destination 6: Rajasthan, India

Get ready to feel like a king! Rajasthan is a state in India, which consists of many different cities and is known as the land of kings. If you are looking for a completely different experience than Agra and New Delhi, look no further.

You’ll feel like a total princess (and no, you don’t need a prince to come along!) if you visit cities like Jaipur and its fortresses and palaces, go on a camel safari in Pushkar, explore the blue houses in Jodhpur or take a gondola on the huge Pichola Lake.

Solo Destination 7: Madagascar

If you are an adventurer, then Madagascar is for you! Who wouldn’t want to live their dream of seeing real lemurs?! Lemurs are actually endangered in Madagascar and tourism is helping to keep nature reserves and reserves running, so there’s a reason to go!

Madagascar is super rugged and unique, so be sure to check out the tours to the more pristine areas. If these are not reasons to pack your bags, Mikea Forest is safe!

Solo Destination 8: Iceland

Do you want to cool off a little? Iceland is the perfect getaway for solo travelers. Majestic and otherworldly, Iceland offers the most unreal sights! The best part: you can rent a car and drive around to see things for yourself.

Take a self-tour on the south coast and dive between the continents along the Golden Circle. Relax after a long day and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon or other natural hot springs!

Don’t be afraid to go to Iceland in the winter months, winter in Iceland is just as magical!

Solo Travel Destination 9: New Zealand

New Zealand has two main land masses: North Island and South Island. On the North Island there are beaches and lakes with clearer water than in the Caribbean, oh, and firefly caves! On the South Island there are beautiful lakes, surrounded by pine trees and many sheep.

Solo Travel Destination 10: Egypt

Do you think traveling to Egypt alone is unsafe? Think again! Tourism in Egypt is on the rise, so make better use of it!

There is a LOT to do, so make sure you have at least a week to see as much as possible. From the great Pyramids of Giza to the Nile and its awesome temples to the tomb of King Tut – you will have an exciting experience! The best part: you can do everything on a budget!

Don’t you want to do this alone? E-Mail address [email protected] for information about #MyLifesATravelTRIBE group tours to Egypt!

Solo Travel Destination 11: Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest has an incredible social scene and is perfect for solo travelers who are not afraid to go to the city and have fun!

In the Old Town there are a lot of rooftop bars where you can taste a glass of the famous Romanian blue plonk. There are so many different bars, and if you have enough to drink, be sure to attend the street dance parties!

If you are more into sightseeing, there are many interesting buildings such as the Parliament Palace (the largest parliament building in the world) and castles such as Bran Castle and Peles Castle. Take a look at this post to plan your stay in Bucharest!

Solo Travel Destination 12: Seychelles

Okay, did someone say PARADISE?! The Seychelles are a small group of beautiful islands off the coast of East Africa. La Digue is definitely the best island to visit, with all the Insta-famous beaches and the granite rocks where you just want to laze around.

Check out the BEST beaches on La Digue here. In addition to stunning, clear, blue water and beautiful beaches, the Coco de Mer trees are another reason to visit the Seychelles, super rare trees that produce massive piston nuts!

Solo Travel Destination 13: Paris, France

Whether you want to see the sights of the Eiffel Tower and the Château de Versailles, reflect on the magnificent works in the Louvre or walk along the Champs Elysées, this city is at your feet!

Why not take a cruise on the Seine for a few hours? Did you know that there is a Paris river cruise that is only for millennials?!

Solo Travel Destination 14: Aruba

Ahhh, the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean are calling your name! Would you like to take a quick flight from the USA to absolute paradise? Aruba is the answer.

Don’t know where to go once you get there? The job is done for you! In this post you will find the absolute best beaches to visit in Aruba!

Solo travel Destination 15: Croatia

It will definitely not be a shame if you visit Croatia! Game of Thrones, anyone? Yes, Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik, but Croatia has so much more to offer!

If you can go on a tour of Croatia, preferably by car, visit such places as the Plitvice National Park, the oldest and largest national park in Croatia. BONUS: It has so many beautiful waterfalls! Visit Rovinj and explore the walled city or the popular Split.

Solo Travel Destination 16: London, United Kingdom

London is a great place to travel alone if you have never done it before. If you are from the USA, you will probably find that it is not as overwhelming as, for example, Tokyo.

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