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Perfect Solo Travel Destinations This Fall Season

Autumn is coming soon (seriously, how?!), which means it’s time to announce the top 10 fall solo travel destinations in 2019!

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. The air is fresh and fresh, the leaves are a beautiful
reddish-brown color, and life slows down a little.

It’s also the perfect time to travel at a lower cost! The peak travel season is over, which means affordable prices and a lot fewer people around your travel destinations. Woohoo!

Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn or the quieter travel period, we have put together the 10 best solo travel destinations for autumn 2019. Read on to find out where your next solo travel destination will be!

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Put on your best outfit and go to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is known as one of the greenest cities in Europe, which means that it is an absolute dream to see during the autumn. Nothing beats the historic canals of Amsterdam with trees covered with bright orange and golden leaves.

What is an individual traveler to do in Amsterdam in the fall, besides looking at the colorful canals with leaves? So many things!

First of all, the music and art scene is in full swing. Whether you want to see an exhibition at one of the great local museums, catch a rooftop show or party at a 5-day dance event, Amsterdam has it all.

If you want to explore the sights of the city on foot, take part in the Amsterdam Marathon. Held annually in mid-October, the event attracts runners from all over the world, starting and ending at the famous Olympic Stadium.

Finally, take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures and enjoy a Dutch apple pie with a side of hot chocolate, delicious!

2. Sonoma, California

Welcome to the land of plonk!

Imagine a filter that adds a beautiful golden orange hue to your landscape photos and you have Sonoma in the fall.

During the slightly cooler months, temperatures in Sonoma are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the ideal temperature to sit and sip plonk.

If you’re coming in October, you’ll have a real treat with the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Where you can enjoy plonk tastings and participate in fun competitions such as the grape stamping contest.

3. Toronto, ON, Canada

Canada is home to the maple leaf, which is the embodiment of autumn!

There is no better way to soak up the changing colors of all the foliage than by walking through the iconic Stanley Park and the VanDusen Botanical Garden.

If you visit in October, you can take advantage of Canadian Thanksgiving, which falls on the second Monday in October.

Not to mention Halloween, which is taken quite seriously in Vancouver. Head to the Pacific National Exposition to experience their famous (and scary) fright nights that last until October.

You can also rent a motorhome in Vancouver and take a road trip to Banff National Park! Click here for Alyssa’s full itinerary from Vancouver to Banff!

4. Tokyo, Japan

Autumn is a wonderful time in Tokyo, and the city knows it.

The annual Meiji Jingu Gaien ginkgo Festival is Tokyo’s most popular fall event.

The festival showcases the incredible ginkgo trees, which line the “Ginkgo Avenue” for nearly 1,000 feet.

Traditional Japanese gardens are also a must in the fall -the colors are simply breathtaking!

For those of you who like hiking, the slightly cooler temperatures are perfect for this activity. Hakone, Mount Takao and Mount Oyama are just a few of the easily accessible hiking spots in Tokyo.

Finally, get ready to fill your belly with awesome Japanese delicacies! First of all, the ramen! The annual Tokyo Ramen Show takes place from after November to early December.

The term “Autumn Appetite” is used to describe Japan in the fall. There are so many festivals that you will be in a constant food coma.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, which means that it is spring there when it falls in the United States.

Don’t let this put you off if you’re obsessed with autumn, because September to October is one of the best times of the year to discover Queenstown.

Daytime temperatures range from a low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit to a high of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Known as the adventure capital of New Zealand, the slightly warmer (but still cool) temperatures in Queenstown at this time of year allow you to enjoy the great ski resorts, as well as all the beautiful landscapes, hiking and other extreme sports (rafting and bungee jumping).

Once your activities are over, treat yourself to a plonk tasting-Queenstown is known for its Pinot Noir in particular. And of course, there are the famous Onsen hot pools – the perfect way to relax after a day of adventure.

6. Hudson Valley, New York

Just a two-hour drive from Manhattan, Hudson Valley is the perfect place for a solo trip.

Packed with something for virtually everyone, food, plonk, antique shops, galleries, apple orchards and farms and lots of epic nature.

In fact, some even go so far as to say that the Hudson Valley has some of the best leaves in the United States. So you are in for a real treat when you visit in the fall.

If you are coming in November, be sure to book a tent at the Hudson Valley. This seasonal glamping retreat offers luxury accommodation (yes, tents can be luxurious) as well as a delicious menu of fresh seasonal dishes. Aka, self-indulgence at its best.

7. Kenya … for my fellow summer hunters

So, technically, Kenya is known as the land of eternal African summer.

Given its proximity to the equator, Kenya’s climate is quite stable all year round with two rainy seasons.

If you visit in September or October, you will experience temperatures of about 84 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. These are also the last months to witness the Great Migration to the Masai Mara.

The Great Trek is where millions of antelopes, wildebeest and zebras migrate through the famous Masai Mara National Reserve. You can see this awesome sight from a hot air balloon, an airplane, a horse, a safari or a hike.

Once you’ve had your safari experience, head to Diani Beach to soak up the sun and soak up that endless summer atmosphere.

This beautiful beach is lined with white sand and surrounded by jade-colored water protected by a coral reef. Get ready for a ton of water sports, including snorkeling, and endless photo opportunities.

If you are going to Kenya and want to go on a safari, be sure to check out Alyssa’s Affordable Kenya Safari Guide and essential Kenya tips!

8. Paris, France

Let’s face it, Paris is worth a visit, whatever the time of year. However, autumn is perhaps the best time to visit.

First of all, it’s much less crowded, which means you can actually get around and see sights and do activities without standing in line for what feels like a lifetime! It is also a very good opportunity to discover the city like a local. Take your morning coffee and croissant to the Parisians, instead of being among all the tourists.

You will also be able to save money and see and do everything. Accommodation prices in Paris are always affordable at this time of year. Meanwhile, shops, cafes and other places are probably all open in the fall. Places often closed in August and December in Paris for the holidays.

You can probably guess the main reason why autumn is the best time to visit Paris-the beautiful colors!!! The city has an awesome yellow, orange and red hue-the kind where you feel like you’re walking in a real painting. Just magical.

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