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Location for Valentine’s Day Vacation

Whether you’re flying solo or paired, these twenty lowest flights for Valentine’s day in 2022 are sure to fill your heart with joy!

While doing my own research for a Valentine’s day vacation, I got super excited to see how inexpensive return flights were from LA! All of these twenty flights are under and range from the US all the way to Europe!

I’ve given my two cents on each location, and why I think it’s great for solo travelers, couples, or both! Because whether you love yourself or your boo this Valentine’s day, it’s better to do it while traveling!

Want to see which locations are lowest to fly to from your city? Check out my tutorial on how to play flight roulette!

Whether you’RE single off and looking to party, or in a relationship and looking for the ultimate date weekend, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas!

I know, you might not immediately think ‘romantic’ when you think of Vegas. But believe me! It’s home to some of America’s top restaurants, iconic shows, not to mention luxury hotels that you can get for the ultimate steal! Plus flights start at just round trip! Put it on top of my list of the twenty lowest flights for Valentine’s day in 2022!

Build A Website In Houston, Texas

Several cities in Texas are very inexpensive to fly to right now! Although I have not been there personally, with the inexpensive return tickets I have considered booking a flight to experience a city other than mine!

If you’re looking for something more mellow but still exciting this Valentine’s Day, book a trip to one of the three main cities in Texas!

New Orleans, United States

Here’s another American destination that appeals to both if you’re single or in a relationship! For those who fly alone, you’ll be sure to meet plenty of friends as you stumble along Bourbon Street!

And if you’re in a relationship, you’ll enjoy the quaint cafes, delicious restaurants, and the vibrant nightlife that never ends! New Orleans is like a foreign city, here in the US, which makes for a great weekend getaway!

Guadalajara, Mexico

Also called the cultural center of Mexico, and a destination that has gained immense popularity among local millennials. That said, it is very likely that you will find quite a few other people flying solo on Valentine’s day in Guadalajara!

If you’re in a relationship, you can enjoy enchanting towns, delicious Mexican food, and even a day trip on the famous Jose Cuervo Tequila Train! Or if you just want to get out of the country, Mexico tops the list of internationally lowest flights for Valentine’s day in 2022!

Cancun, Mexico

A flight to paradise is affordable than you think! For less than, you can take a return flight to Cancun, where you can spend time at one of the many All-inclusive resorts, or go on an adventure!

From Cancun you can go to Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, or take a road trip to Tulum and even Chichen Itza!

This whole area is very popular for digital nomads and tourists alike, so whether you’re solo or not, you’ll have a boom!

Calgary, Canada

Want to go on an epic adventure this Valentine’s day? Grab one of these inexpensive flights to Calgary where you can rent a car and head to Banff National Park!

It will be less crowded now, but still enough people to make you feel comfortable if you decide to go there alone! For couples this was also super fun to do as a camper road trip!

Roatan, Honduras

Off the north coast of Honduras is an exotic island called Roatan! It’s perfect for couples who want an affordable romantic escape, but also great for solo travelers looking for a real adventure!

You have to fly to San Pedro Sula first, which is not safe, so be careful! I would fly to Roatan immediately!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a hidden gem that has so many incredible things to see, for super affordable prices! You can see the glowing bioluminescent bay, the brightest in the world, and the lush jungles further inland.

Or you can just relax on one of the many beautiful beaches around the islands! It’s the perfect easy-escape for both solo travelers or couples!

Dublin, Ireland

What?! A return flight to Ireland for less than? Grab it while it takes! This is an epic adventure that’s perfect for everyone, especially if you’re in need of a little luck!

For a little extra romance, rent a car and head to the Highlands! The rolling green hills are downright magical!

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Get your fancy Caribbean vacation for a fraction of the cost you probably imagine! Flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands are super inexpensive right now, and will make for the perfect Valentine’s day vacation!

Spend the weekend basking in the sun on a white sandy beach with your boo, or grab a book and treat yo-self to a solo vacation!

Paris, France

Let’s be honest. You and / or your babe will probably spend almost on Valentine’s day. It might as well be on a flight to the most romantic city in the world!

But seriously! Forget the gifts, flowers, sweets, or expensive dinner! You can fly to Paris for a week for only! What does it matter if you have to stay in hostels or AirBnB’s to keep the rest of your budget! Valentine’s day under the Eiffel Tower is tres magnifique!

Do you want to be happy this Valentine’s day? Go to one of the top ranked happy places on Earth, Denmark! Where worries are low and spirits are high!

If you’re in February for Valentine’s day, you can enjoy less crowds in the chilly weather. In addition, you have inexpensive flights and train tickets to neighboring countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland, which are ideal for seeing the Northern Lights!

So far my list of the lowest flights for Valentine’s day in 2022! Remember that these prices will only go up and can change at any time! Try your hand at flight Roulette and see which destinations are the lowest for you, while the prices still last!

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