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Few Intact Destinations to Travel This Year

If you think it’s hard to travel and work right now, imagine you’re a travel blogger! I still managed to travel quite a bit (15 countries last year on 6 continents), I just did it much more carefully and safely.

By the way, for once I’m talking mainly about virus protection. But I also added the usual safety aspect when choosing these safe destinations to travel to in 2022. Some people may disagree based on” what you’ve heard”, but do your research first and read my safety blog posts (if I have them).

Anyway, my biggest concern when looking for safe destinations to travel to in 2022 is how strict the travel restrictions are, what the current infection rate is, and whether vax is available to locals. I want to make sure that it is not so high that I will probably catch it, but also that I do not spread it to people who do not have the privilege of the wax.

So, based on my travels last year and my research on this year’s destinations, I’ve chosen 22 safe countries to travel to in 2022!

Warning: always check current travel restrictions in the country you want to go to and practice safe and responsible health protocols. Check Out: How To Find Travel Restrictions By Country


Tanzania is one of my favorite places to travel because it really has it all! Safari in the Serengeti, the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro (which I climbed!), and the beautiful island of Zanzibar!

If you want to attend my group trip here in June, we have a few more spots available!


I know people have mixed feelings about Mexico’s security. But as someone who has lived there for almost a year, I can say that some cities are for sure. Sayulita is a small town on the West Coast that I absolutely loved and where I felt extremely safe.

I lived in Playa del Carmen for 6 months and I personally loved it, but you have to be careful with crime. Take a look at my important safety article on this. Tulum is also a growing hotspot that is relatively safe, but you still need to be careful, especially with the crowds!


Egypt is another place that people consider peril, but this was due to problems several years ago. I recently spent 3 months there, mostly solo, and I never felt unsafe.

It’s a little difficult with extortionists. If you want to avoid this, sign up for my group trip (waiting list for 2022), or check out the tourism company I use and recommend it there.


One of the most underrated cities I visited in South America was Cartagena! Although Colombia has a stereotypically peril name, it is on my list of safe destinations to travel to in 2022 because of the impression I got of Cartagena.

It is a beautiful, lively and even a small chic city! With fantastic rooftop pools and bars, beautiful architecture and friendly people! You can also easily take a tour or a road trip to the famous “pink sea”


Croatia has been notorious in recent years as one of the countries that has remained constantly open. He also tried to attract digital nomads with generous visa incentives.

I have been to Croatia twice and I am really in love with it. From the cute seaside resorts to the beautiful Plitvica lakes and of course island hopping!


If you’ve never thought of Romania, let me put it on your radar! I went to Bucharest for a travel conference and ended up having a hell of a good time! They really know how to have fun here!

In addition, you can take a road trip to see some great castles, including the one that inspired the Dracula story!


You would think that after going through the strictest lockdown in the world, I would not include Spain as one of the safe destinations to travel to in 2022, but listen to me!

While big cities like Barcelona and Madrid have a problem with the number of viruses, there is so much more to see in the country! I have traveled all over the south of the country, where it is very safe!

I’ve also been to Ibiza and Formentera, where things are still quiet, and even quieter, The Canary Islands, which I would definitely recommend!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of nature and outdoor activities, which is why I have listed it as one of the safe destinations to travel in 2022.

He also welcomes guests and can certainly use tourism to help boost the economy of this small country! If you need advice, I have a complete itinerary in Sri Lanka!


Yes, another country that most people think is peril. However, El Salvador has already had a new president for a few years, whose main goal is to reorganize the country, its old peril problems and its name.

In the past, there was a big problem with gangs. Now all gang members have been put in jail, and anyone doubtfuled of being part of them is going to jail. So the country has become significantly safer. Almost everyone is vaccinated there too.


Recently I was back in Argentina for my group trips to Patagonia and Antarctica, and I found it very safe. Buenos Aires had just opened, but if you’re worried about being in a city, there’s so much nature you can go and see.

Patagonia is a short flight from Buenos Aires, as are the Iguazu Falls! We’re going back to Patagonia (and Antarctica) again this year, if you’re interested in coming!


Peru is an enchanting country! You can just feel the energy there, especially in Cusco and around Machu Picchu.

I would highly recommend taking the 4-day Inca Trail tour to Machu Picchu. It’s 100% safe and you’re outside all the time!


Recently I also went to Cyprus, which was on my wish list for a while! I especially wanted to go diving to see a new underwater museum, and I was not disappointed!

In addition to the awesome diving, there are also beautiful blue waters in Cyprus, as well as many fascinating historical aspects! Like the beach where Aphrodite was “made”.

You can also cross the” UN buffer zone ” in the Northern Territory occupied by Turkey. It was very interesting. Especially the deserted beach town that I still have to write my blog post about.


Iceland is on almost every list of “safe destinations to travel to”, so I have to give it a place here. They have been very careful about travel restrictions and health protocols, and have therefore had very low rates.

He is also known to be safe from crime. Moreover, the whole island is like a big outdoor amusement park! If you are limited in time, my favorite route is the south coast.


Hungary is open and welcoming to travelers, and has a bucket list city that many want to visit; Budapest! While I probably wouldn’t recommend the famous, usually crowded bathhouse pictured above right now, there are plenty of other things to see and do there!

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