Why Going on Vacation Is Good for Your Health?

The holidays are good for health. Some doctors even say that taking a vacation is the best medicine in the world. And it is true that when we go to rest, we become lighter and our problems turn into a feather. Here are some reasons you should take more holidays!

#1: it Lowers your stress

It is indeed scientifically proven, taking a vacation has a very positive role in our level of stress and anxiety. The constraints of the office, the stress of transport, the problems of everyday life stay at home, and everything is much better feet in the sand with a cocktail in hand.

#2: Improve your health

The US Framingham Heart Study has shown that taking a vacation on a regular basis reduces the risk of having cardiovascular disease. According to the study, people who took at least one week a year reduced their risk of having a heart attack by 30%.

#3: Better human relations

The benefits of the holidays include improving the quality of relationships and relationships. Generally, more relaxed, couples tend to solidify their bond. Well, sometimes holidays can also be a source of tension and quibbles, but overall, everyone is more relaxed.

#4: Mental Health

It is not just physical health to consider in the long list of holiday benefits. It is also necessary to count the mental health of the vacationers which is significantly improved. A study by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that women who went on vacation on a regular basis were less likely to experience depression.

#5: Brain at rest

The brain is a great tool that wears out when you do not use it. But it is also a tool that needs to “recharge”. Holidays allow our brain to leave the work routines, the tasks repeated daily to focus on other things. Discover new places, new activities stimulate him, do him good and he too finds himself on vacation! So all you need to do is get yourself a good hotel like Auberge Le Pomerol Montréal and get some rest away from work.

#6: See things differently

When we travel, we are confronted with other cultures, other ways of life, other problems too. Discovering all this allows you to open up and to see life under new perspectives. Seeing things differently we are more open, more tolerant, so we have intellectual health at the top.

#7: Increase productivity

We have all experienced it when one is tired or sad; it is very difficult to accomplish one’s work. And if we succeed, it is often 70% of what we could do in normal times. Going on vacation, disconnecting to reconnect is a return with a huge energy level that will almost always translate into an improvement in productivity.