Scottish Dishes Food Aficionado Must Try

Seafood aficionado must include Scotland in their bucket list. The place boasts finest meat and seafood. Moreover, this small country is packed with gigantic culinary punch.

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This dish includes the liver, lung, and heart of sheep. It is minced with suet, spices, oats, and onion then enclosed in sausage casing to cook. It is generally, served with neeps [turnip] and tatties [mashed potatoes]. It is the national dish that has satisfied every first time attempters, who then return back for more.


Beef, onion, potatoes, butter and stock cooked kept in a single pan are served with beetroot and oatcakes. It is the best winter food you can enjoy.

Scottish breakfast

In a Scottish breakfast, you can expect egg, beans, bacon, sausage, tattie scone, mushrooms, tomato, and toast along with pot of coffee or tea or orange juice. It is said to cure worst hangovers and is a ritual for the locals, especially on a Sunday morning.

Cullen skink

Cullen town’s local specialty is this skink, which includes potatoes, onions, and smoked haddock. The soup is really awesome and very heavy due to milk content, butter, and cream. Enjoy with fresh toasted bread.


Black pudding is famous made from oatmeal, varied meat, and blood. White pudding is the one without blood and there is also the red pudding.


Cranachan is a pleaser including whsky soaked oats, cream honey and raspberries.


Rowies were cooked originally for sailors going on long sea journeys. High fat content used in rowie allowed to keep rowie fresh for long time. It includes flour, oil/butter, salt, lard, and topped with jam.


Curry is the nation’s favorite and is available in every restaurant and food scene. You can enjoy curry with haggis pakora.