How to Choose Perfect Accommodation for Family Holidays in Antalya, Turkey



Antalya, Turkey, is a great place to spend your family holidays.  As you walk through the old city admiring the Broken Minaret, and Hadrian’s gate etc, you can always bury yourself into the Karian cave to shield yourself from the sun’s scorching heat.

Family holidays in Antalya Turkey can, however, be stressful if you can’t find the perfect accommodations.  No worries though because we’re here to help you find the perfect hotels for your vacation.  When booking hotel rooms for your accommodation, check for;

Reviews, and star ratings

Hotels and accommodation facilities are rated according to the stars, and reviews.  Before booking, be sure to check how many five stars your preferred hotel has.  Also, check what past customers say about the accommodation facilities and their services.


Before spending on your accommodation, it’s always wise to get guidance from friends, colleagues or other persons with similar interests as you.  You could also check on general review sites like Trip Advisor to see what past tourists said about the hotels in the location.

Either way, your tour agent/travel guide could also act as a great resource to help you find suitable accommodation facilities.  Let them guide you on which hotels will suit your needs.


Are you planning to go by air?  If so, check in advance the distance from the hotel to the airport.  You could also check if the hotel provides airport transfers to ease your movement.  Moreover, if you’re going to go by car, it’s also essential that you check if your preferred hotel offers free parking spaces.

Another vital factor to consider is also if they provide shuttle services to the nearest shopping centers, and parks etc.


Budget is another crucial aspect when planning for a vacation.  Different hotels have different packages for services offered, and other add-ons.  Your hotel should give you an explicit estimation of their fees without any hidden charges.


How secure is the surrounding of the accommodation facility?  Your safety should top priorities for the hotel. An excellent facility should have sturdy safes to keep all your valuables safe.  There should also be proper lighting both in the hotel, and the compound to discourage any idlers.  An excellent facility should also have emergency exits, and easily accessible locations to use in case of emergency.


When going for a family vacation, it’s also critical that the hotel you’re going to stay in during vacation offers facilities to accommodate the whole family.  Check if they have swimming pools where you’ll be cooling off on a hot day/evening.

Also, check if they have facilities for your children which may include Kid’s club etc.  These will make the vacation more fun.  It’s also important to check if they provide not only adult cuisines but also kiddie meals as well.

Bottom line

Don’t forget to check about the hotel’s checking times, and check our times, so you are not disadvantaged especially if you’re having late night flights.