Best Tour Company Desert Safari UAE at Reasonable Price

If there is one activity that is never absent in any Dubai route it is the Dubai Desert Safari  Tour.  Dubai is generally a desert, but you are not actually experiencing its desert without joining a Dubai Desert Safari tour.  The tour is attractive and missing the fun would be a lost chance.  But, what exactly can you wait for in a desert safari tour?  How cool really is it?

Dubai Desert Safari Tour is an action where you will get to experience the desert in all its loveliness.  You may decide to join a morning, afternoon or even an overnight safari tour and each tour offers exclusive experience that you’ll never forget.

Tours can be booked via dissimilar travel agency but usually offers the same itinerary.  It is probable to book a private tour, but for prudent travellers like us, joining a group Dubai Desert Safari tour is the way to go.  You will be with other cluster of tourists which is a great way to meet new friends.  Travel agencies do charge different rates.  Online travel sites like Desert Safari UAE also offer this kind of service.    Be on the watch out for the cheapest one.

The tour will start by picking you up not from your hotel but at chosen pick-up any locations in Dubai.  On our container, we were picked up from LuLu Supermarket, at the back Mall of the Emirates.  The coach is more often than not jam-packed that even its isle is busy by participants.  At around 3:30pm or once everyone’s in, the trip towards Sharjah will begin.

The highway is huge and if lucky, traffic would be minimal.  Along the way, imposing Arabic architectures are to be seen that makes the travel astonishing.  There is one stop after 30-45 minutes of driving for maybe a toilet break.  After the break, just under 30 minutes you’ll reach your purpose.

After alighting from the coach, you will then be elated to a 4×4 Land Cruiser for the astonishing dune bashing experience.  Dune bashing is almost certainly the highlight of Dubai Desert Safari tour.  Upon entrance at the main camp, you may do camel riding or if element of your package, quad biking.

After concluding all the activities outside, enter the main camp for a BBQ buffet dinner. While waiting for the food, you can do henna painting facility.  Dinner will be served at approximately 7pm and at the same time aseating, you’ll be entertained by belly dancing performances and others.

After dinner at around 9pm, take the 4×4 back to the main road where your trainer is waiting.  You’ll start your trip towards the drop off point in Dubai Desert Safari.

The tour may be a disorganised one, but with the price that we paid, it was totally acceptable.  The only disappointment was probably the food, but that was because we are not fond of the cooking.  All in all, it was fun and the time we spent was worth it.  In fact, it was one of the most unforgettable experiences we had in Dubai Desert Safari and if ever we’ll be back, we will absolutely do it again.

If you are going to Dubai, make certain to do this and I’m attractive sure you’ll have a huge time!  To find the cheapest Dubai Desert Safari tour, look for it at Desert Safari UAE.For more information: